WE ARE BACK EVERYONE!!!!13716211_10208080237101804_5277263491000415935_n

Famous Radio Live is back for the second week with No Covers at Avenue Blue in Hampton, Virginia which takes place here every Wednesday! I can tell you, the voices in this place?? Wheewww!!!! Beautiful voices and original talent! I have heard 4 artists so far and counting to include an amazing birthday serenade. (Small plug, Miss Keys blessed the stage tonight!) If you have original music, poetry or just love to hear great performances this is THE place to be!!! Beck G is also IN A BUILDING! Its always a treat when the Famous Ladies get together! Next week I’ll be posting video. Stay tuned and keep it locked on!- Miss Keys



Special Performance by Mista Roe



Image result for bri luv

If you aren’t here you better get here!!! Jocelyn has blessed the stage along with many other very talented local artist of Va!!!! From poets to singers to musicians and more! Its your girl Miss Keys here literally live on location! Jocelyn Best has opened a beautiful platform that started across the 7 cities and has ended up here in Hampton! Tonight features Bri Luv all the way from Richmond here at Avenue Blue Piano and Wine Bar, and let me tell you baby her voice is lie butta on a bagel. It is my first experience hearing her but trust I am not disappointed. She has opened up her set against the grain by performing…get this: A cover! Her falsetto is far from disappointing. She has a mix f jazz and R&B in her voice that is like no other! She has moved on now to an original track entitled ” The One” that can only be described as every woman’s song… I refuse to give you all the info e you should BE HERE! I promise to report back after her set is complete. I wanna enjoy her too…stay tuned-Miss Keys

                                         Special Performance by @briluvmusic



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